Advisory Board

Meet the members of TIEMS Advisory Board
Nina_Frolova_01Nina I. Frolova is TIEMS Research, Technology and Development Coordinator.

She is a senior research scientist with Seismological Center of IGE, Russia Academy of Sciences (the former Joint Council on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, Academy of Sciences of the USSR).

She has contributed to many studies on earthquake hazard, earthquake risk, and risk reduction since 1968, including the IDNDR and regional activities sponsored by UNESCO, Council of Europe, and the former UNDRO.

The Soviet of Ministries awarded her, along with others, the USSR prize in 1984 for their work on the seismic loads and earthquake resistance of high dams. In 2005 she was awarded by UNESCO - GARD Medal for distinguished professional leadership and personal commitment to ongoing programs on disaster reduction.

She contributed to the recent development of System "Extremum" and its versions "WebLAT", "Quakeloss", that are being made available for use throughout the world to assess in "emergency" mode the consequences of strong earthquakes and the identification of effective response measures.

She is a responsible scientist for the ESC WG "Earthquake Preparedness and Civil Defence". She is a GADR Directors' Board Member and GARD Vice-President for the Asian Region.