TIEMS Academy contains TIEMS Educational Material, either in form of Programs and Proceedings from TIEMS International Conferences and Workshops (TIEMS Library) and TIEMS TQC Curriculum, with Educational Material Developed within TIEMS and with link to Educational Material from TIEMS International Cooperation Partners in TIEMS TQC Certification.
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  The goals of the TIEMS Academy are
  • Educating the Public
  • Educating Children
  • Educating Officials
  • Improving Preparedness
  • Offering Courses and Training
  • Helping Certify Expertise
  • Build and Distribute Emergency Management Tools

The TIEMS Academy plans to

  • Help students find and connect with useful live and online educational resources
  • Make increasing amounts of emergency management knowledge available online, especially to vulnerable societies
  • Provide a platform to share critical lessons learned from disasters and emergencies
  • Be an eLearning and Certification platform that will foster, across the international community, a shared, common understanding of emergency management elements, standards, and terminology
  • Establish a directory of educational resources, described within a common framework, including live and online degree programs, courses, workshops, and knowledge bases
  • Create an online portal that will make emergency management educational resources, from established educational institutions and initiatives, broadly available to students worldwide.

The TIEMS Academy Structure

  • TIEMS Library with Programs and Proceedings from TIEMS Conferences and Workshops: Click Here
  • TIEMS TQC Curriculum Courses avaiable from TIEMS: Click Here (coming soon)
  • TIEMS TQC Curriculum Courses available from TIEMS International Educational Network of Excellence (TIENE): Click Here (coming soon)
  • TIEMS TQC Curriculum Courses aavailable form other Sources: Click Here (coming soon)
Links to Details of TIEMS TQC Certification

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