TIEMS TQC Curriculum requirements will cover the different aspects of emergency and risk management recognized standards and best practise in an international perspective, related to all phases of the emergency and risk management cycles. The TIEMS TQC Curriculum requirements can be covered through courses offered within TIEMS International  Education Networks; TIEMS International Education Network of Excellence (TIENE) and TIEMS International Recommended and Recognized Education Insitutions (TIRREI) and  other institutions worldwide provideing relevant courses. TIEMS Academy will be the portal to TIEMS TQC Curriculum, made available on line through TIEMS TQC Web Platform.

 TIEMS 2019 TQC Curriculum focus ver1

 The Preliminary TIEMS TQC Curriculum

International Perspectives

  1. Relevant International Organizations, their Missions, Agreements and Procedures
  2. Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
  3. International Agreement Framework for Emergency Assistance
  4. Worldwide Civil Protection Organizations and Operations
  5. Legal and Ethical Issues in Emergency and Disaster Management
  6. International Terrorism
  7. International Epidemic and Pandemic Crisis
  8. Public Private Partnership Oriented Emergency and Disaster Management

 Mitigation & Prevention

  1. Risk Management Theory and Practise
  2. Disaster Types, their Characteristics and Statistics
  3. Critical Infrastructure Protection
  4. Business Continuity Management
  5. Emergency Community Based Response (CERT)

Predictions & Early Warning

  1. Climate Change and Impact on Disasters
  2. Cyber Attacks and their Potential Consequences
  3. Disaster Early Warning Systems and Operations
  4. Simulations and Exercises

Emergency Operations

  1. Emergency and Disaster Management Tools and Techniques
  2. Application of Earth Observation/Space Technology
  3. Application of Web-based Assistance Technology and Systems
  4. Emergency Critical Communication Systems
  5. Mass Casualty Management
  6. Command, Control and Coordination of Incidents
  7. Emergency Medicine Perspectives
  8. Incident Evaluation, Briefing, Debriefing and Review Techniques

Public Warning & Search & Rescue

  1. Public Warning Systems and Operations
  2. Social Media in Emergency and Disaster Management
  3. International Search and Rescue Methodologies and Operations

 Recovery & Reconstruction

  1. Recovery and Reconstruction Planning
  2. Temporary Housing and Medical Care of Victims
  3. Claims and Grants Processing

Availability of educational course material

Links to the TIEMS TQC Curriculum course materials will be made available for the TIEMS TQC Certification candidates through  TIEMS Academy.

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