TIEMS believes there is a need for an internationally shared understanding of emergency management elements, qualifications, and terminology, and is launching TIEMS – QIEDM - Certification of Qualifications in International Emergency and Disaster Management, as a global concept to establish such a shared understanding.

 TIEMS QIEDM Certification

  • The course curriculum will be comprised of both theoretical and practical courses and hands on training
  • Courses will be offered by TIEMS in cooperation with Universities and Training Institutions worldwide through TIEMS Academy
  • Participants must receive a passing grade on the certification exam
  • TIEMS Chapters will be responsible for adding local/national competences

Once a review is performed of all submitted documentation and a passing grade is achieved on the certification exam, the TIEMS-QIEDM designation will be awarded by TIEMS QIEDM Certification Development Board.

Recertification will be required every three (3) years by successfully completing three QIEDM TIEMS International courses and submitting the appropriate recertification application.

Applicants Requirements

  • Being Certified in Emergency Management/Disaster Response or Similar by Another Certifying Institution Approved by TIEMS
  • Document a Practical or Theoretical Background in Emergency and Disaster Management for a minimum of 4 years
  • Provide a Letter of Recommendation to TIEMS QIEDM Program from a Current or Former Employer

QIEDM Certification Objectives

  • Availability Globally
  • Web-based On-Line
  • Low Cost
  • A Common Understanding of Emergency and Disaster Management
  • The Common Language is English, but local language adaption in TIEMS Chapter Countries
  • Lessons Learned Focus
  • State-of-the-Art and Up-to-Date
Background Information