In order to see to it that TIEMS International Certification - TQC, is relevant and appropriate and fulfilling the needs of the emergency management and disaster response community, and that it is up-to-date and using state-of-the-art technology, TIEMS has invited experienced professionals with different backgrounds and experience and from different countries, to be test candidates of TQC before it is opened to the community of professionals. Their role is to test the system from A to Z and give valuable feed-back on the quality, operational aspects, and relevance of this certification, to allow TIEMS to tune it to the needs of the emergency management and disaster response community experts. The TQC Test Candidates are also asked to provide local/regional information on relevant organizations and institutions which are to be part of the required TQC "Examination Competence Framework" and included in “TQC Candidate Study and Evaluation Guide”.  

The present TQC Test Candidates are:

  • Larry A Porter, USA
  • Gbenga Morenikeji, Nigeria
  • Naill Momani, Jordan
  • Desiree Beekharry, Australia
  • Russell Dippy, Australia
  • Jack Zhang, China
  • Zukile S. Mcilongo, South Africa
  • Nothemba M. Mhlaba, South Africa
  • Thembinkosi L. Nxawe, South Africa
  • Dmytro Chalyy, Ukraine
  • Brian Holecek, Australia

The TQC Test Candidates’ brief bios with pictures are shown below and a more comprehensive presentation is found in TQC Test Candidates. 

TQC Test Candidates ver2

Brian Holecek ver1

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