Took place 23 - 25 June 2015 at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
Portland USAThe TIEMS 2015 USA Conference provided a unique opportunity for all stakeholders in the emergency management community in USA and internationally to meet, and enjoy the hospitality and beauty of the Pacific Northwest and take part in stimulating conversations and learn from each other, and collaborate in making our global community safer and more resilient.

Announcement and Final Program

  The TIEMS 2015 USA Conference took place in Portland, Oregon 23 - 25 June with around 50 participants from all stakeholders involved in emergency mangement, and with international attendees from 7 countries. The event was an excellent follow up of last year's establishment of TIEMS USA Chapter, and an introductory event to the TIEMS 2016 Annual Conference, which will be arranged in USA. 

Here is the Conference Report and the Final Program

Picture mix USA Conference 1

(Up left), Tom Robertson, TIEMS Regional Director for North America, host and chair TIEMS 2015 USA Conference. (Up right), Meen Chhetri, TIEMS representative in Nepal, share his lessons learned from the Nepal earthquakes. (Down left), Carl Taylor, presents "Bugs, Barriers and Borders". (Down right), a conference field trip to the the volcano mountain, St. Helens, which was last active in 1980 with a devastating eruption.

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