The TQC Certified Members are those who have fullfilled TQC Certification Requirements, by passing through all phases of TQC Certification; TQC Application, TQC Compliance and TQC Examination. Below is shown the TQC Charter Members first, followed by a listing of the laterTQC Certified Members

TQC Template Diploma

A Brief Introduction to TQC

More details of TQC is found in TQC Description Document

Read about the TIEMS team behind the TQC development and who the TQC Test Candidates are, and what all of them think about TQC, in the TQC Newsletter

TQC Charter Members

Desiree Beekharry

Desiree Beekharry


TQC Diploma

Larry A. Porter

Larry Porter foto 


TQC Diploma

Gbenga Morenikeji

Gbenga foto 


TQC Diploma

Nothemba M. Mhlaba

Nothemba foto 

South Africa

TQC Diploma

Naill Al Momani

Naill Momani foto 


TQC Diploma

Russell Dippy

Russell Dippy foto 


TQC Diploma

LILI 1 foto

TQC is awarded for a three-year period, with re-certification efforts required prior to the end of the third year. The TQC Certification Board will notify the TQC-certified person at the beginning of their third year, asking them to submit the Re-Certification Form if s/he intends to maintain his/her certification. The TQC Certification Board will then evaluate the TQC-certified person’s experience, activity, and education/training during the 3 years TQC certification period, and, if they continue to be qualified, issues a Re-Certification Certificate, or asks the candidate to take the Re-Certification Exam. In the latter case, the evaluation will follow the same procedure, but simpler, as with a new TQC certification.    

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