Advisory Board

Meet the members of TIEMS Advisory Board
Guosheng QuGuosheng Qu  is Chair of TIEMS Safety and Emergency Committee.
Guosheng Qu got his PhD from Peking University in 1989 and became full Professor from 1999 to present. He was Deputy Director and Chief Engineer (2004-2012), and Dr. and Prof. of Earth Sciences, Director of S&T Committee, National Earthquake Response Support Service (NERSS), China Earthquake Administration (CEA) (2004-2018) and Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) (2018 to present).
He was Classifier for IEC/IER of UNOCHA. He was former TIEMS Vice President  (2011-2021). He is expert of Expert Group Committee of National Disaster Reduction Committee of P. R. China. He is Experts Group Leader of USAR (2015 to present) of CEA and MEM, and Deputy General Team Leader of China International SAR Team (CISAR) (2009-2018).
He is General Coach of China USAR (CSAR) of MEM(2018 to present), and expert of Fire Fighting and rescue, MEM, China. He is expert of disaster mitigation group of IAP and Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) program, ICSU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. He is Standing Committee Member, Special Committee for Risk Analysis and Crisis Management under China Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. He is also Global Expert of UNDP in Emergency Management and expert of SAR team capacity buildings of Nepal.

He has an extensive experience from research activity and operation of USAR teams, especially in emergency and risk management, earthquake disaster on-site SAR for many earthquakes (Pakistan in 2005, Indonesia in 2006, Wenchuan in 2008, Yushu in 2010, Lushan in 2013 of China, Nepal in 2015), and as decision-maker for coordination and commanding in many disasters. He has done several cases of analysing results of earthquake catastrophes in on-site coordination and commanding.

As Deputy General Team Leader of China International SAR (CISAR) and General Coach of CSAR, he has lead the CISAR team and CSAR to pass the INSARAG External Certification (IEC) as heavy USAR team in 2009 and IER INSARAG External Recertification (IER) as heavy USAR team in 2014 and in 2019. As classifier of INSARAG of UNOCHA, he participated in the IER of heavy USAR team of Jordan in 2018. He has published more than 100 papers in earth science, earthquake risk analysis, emergency response and SAR of earthquake disasters, as well as the emergency management and capacity buildings of USARs.

His specializations are international organizational development, emergency, disaster and risk management and project management. He leads and compiles of domestic standards of USAR teams in China, and disaster preparedness for catastrophe. He found and compiled the training courses of First Responders and CERTs in China depends on the International standard. He has been project manager and leaders of many international research and development projects for methods and models development in risk, emergency response and disaster management.