Memberships, Donations and TQC Fees

We welcome you as a TIEMS member, and please, look at the TIEMS Member Benefits!
You find the detailes of types and fees of membership available in TIEMS Membership Form or briefly listed below:
  1. Standard Member - One Year Membership: 95*) Includes 21 % Belgum VAT
  2. Standard Member Transition Economy Country - One Year Membership: 35 € *) Includes 21 % Belgum VAT
  3. Professional Certified Member - One Year Membership: 125 € *) Includes 21 % Belgum VAT
  4. Professional Certified Member - One Year Membership: 45 *) Includes 21 % Belgum VAT
  5. Student Member - One Year Membership: 25 € *) Includes 21 % Belgum VAT
  6. Institutional Member - One Year Membership: 310 € *) Includes 21 % Belgum VAT
Membership descriptions and rights are found in TIEMS By-laws
TIEMS is a voluntary organization where all Directors, Officers and Members work voluntary for the organization.
Donations are therefore welcome for contributing to further development and reaching our goal of a Safer World.
  1. Platinum Donation Any Time: 500 €
  2. Gold Donation Any Time: 100 €
  3. Silver Donation Any Time: 50 €
  4. Bronze Donation Any Time: 25 €
  5. Amount of Your own Preference
If you are a TQC Certification Candidate, you first of all need to pay your membership fee, which you find access to above. Furthermore, there are TQC fees that have to be paid during the TQC certification process, which are listed below.
  1. TQC Certification Fee: 62.50 €  (Needs to be paid before starting the TQC Compliance Process)
  2. TQC Examination Fee: 50 €       (Needs to be paid before starting the TQC Examination)

Please, click here and select athe TQC fee to be paid!

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