TIEMS President 2012 Annual Report

The following TIEMS 2012 Events reports are found below:

  1. TIEMS 2012 Workshop in Tokyo, Japan
  2. TIEMS 2012 China Chapter Annual Conference and Training in Guangzhou
  3. TIEMS 2012 Workshop in Moscow, Russia
  4. TIEMS Annual Conference 2012 in Erbil, Iraq
  5. TIEMS 2012 Workshop in Rome, Italy
  6. TIEMS 2012 Workshop in Tokyo, Japan
  7. TIEMS 2012 Worskhop in Kyoto, Japan
  8. TIEMS 2012 Conference in Oslo, Norway
  9. TIEMS 2012 Workshop in Seoul, Korea

 TIEMS Japan Chapter Inauguration and Workshop in Tokyo
The event took place 22 - 23 May 2012 with around 400 participants from all stakeholders in emergency and disaster management in Japan, see Report.
TIEMS President and representatives of TIEMS Japan Chapter visited also Niigata conference facilities where TIEMS 2014 annual conference will take place, and had a meeting with Niigata Governor, Hirohiko Izumida, who promised full support and cooperation with TIEMS for this event, see Pictures from Tokyo and Niigata!
The event is also covered in the Risk Magazine (in Japanese)!
Read also the two invited young researchers experience from the Tokyo event;

 TIEMS China Chapter 3rd Annual Conference and Training
The event took place 10 - 11 (training) and 12 - 13 (conference) July 2012 in Guangzhou, see Program Invitation.
Please, also look at the Video, how Chinese Industry, Government and Authorities and Universities are working together for a resilient China, and how TIEMS activities in China interrelate with these undertakings.

  TIEMS Moscow Workshop
TIEMS workshop on Earthquake Loss Estimation in Emergency Mode took place in Moscow 19 - 24 August 2012. Please, find Report!

  TIEMS 2012 Annual Conference and Training
The event took place 16 - 21 September in Erbil, Iraq.
More than 400 participants concluded the Conference Declaration.

 TIEMS Workshop in Rome, Italy
TIEMS workshop took place in Rome, Italy 4th October 2012 on "Emergency Management for Critical Infrastructures Crisis", see Final Program and Presentations.
78 participants joined the workshop, aiming for establishing a TIEMS Italy Chapter.

TIEMS Japan Chapter Workshop in Tokyo
The workshop to place October 17th 2012 on "ICS for private and public sectors; Upgrading Capability for Emergency Management".

TIEMS Japan Chapter Workshop  in Kyoto
The Workshop took place in Kyoto October 18th 202 on "The 3.11 East Japan Earthquake Disaster; Learning from 9.11 recovery",

TIEMS Oslo Conference 2012
TIEMS Conference on "Space Weather and Challenges for Modern Society" took place in Oslo, Norway 22 - 24 October 2012, see Oslo Conference 2012.
Conference Proceedings and Presentations can be found at Documentation.
120 participants from 20 countries attended the conference,
and pictures can be viewed at TIEMS Facebook Page.

 TIEMS Korea Chapter Policy Seminar
The seminar took place 31st October 2012 in Seoul on the topic Disaster and Safety Management Policy, see Program.