International Models of Emergency Management and Disaster Response

WEbinars 2021Capacity Building International (CBI) in cooperation with TIEMS started our monthly series of webinars in 2021 that highlighted and compared various European/International/National domestic emergency management models. Guests presented their different models, approaches, and systems used in emergency management. These webinar series were an excellent opportunity to hear from experts in different countries around the world. The pasts program is found below, and the videos can also be found on the following link: TIEMS & CBI Webinar Videos. The results of the first year of our webinar series of International Models in Emergency Management were fantastic with 1,837attendees from 74countries.
We continued all through 2022 and we have just started the 2023 TIEMS - CBI Webinar Series, and more countries are expected to be presenting their systems, and we are also presenting R&D projects and tools and systems for improving resilience. We started with a kick-off session in 2023 on the 19th of January with presentation of one of the results from the IMPETUS EU project, namely presenting of the Firearm detection Tool.

We also like to know if our listeners have ideas or requests for speakers? Join us each month in 2023 and let us know!

Webinar Dates 2022  Topics 2022
Presenter(s) Recording

2nd of June


Bangladesh Crisis Management


Anisur Rahman


Video 2nd June 2022

24th March


Italy Crisis Management


Giovanni De Siervo


Video 24th March 2022

24th February


Spain Crisis Management  


Gonzalo Velasco


Video 24th February 2022

   27th January


Update on TIEMS' Research Projects, Activities, and Progress with the International Certification Programs - TQC & TQAC


K. Harald Drager 
Vinod Menon
Russel Dippy
Larry Porter
Naill Momani

TIEMS Update

Video 27th January 2022

Webinar Dates 2021
 Topics 2021
Presenter(s)    Recording

24th February


      TIEMS International Certification - TQC

A Brief Introduction to TQC

TQC Detailed Description

TQC Newsletter

K. Harald Drager

Video 24th February 2021 

   11th March


     NATO Crisis Management

NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response

The work of the NATO CMDR COE

Crisis Management vs. Emergency Management

Kyle KingManlio SilvestriErik BensonCOE


Video 11th March 2021

25th March


   India Crisis Management

Disaster Management in India:
Evolution, Experiences & Contemporary Challenges

Vinod Menon


Video 25th March 2021

       7th April        


  Czech Republic Crisis Management

Emergency Management Model in Czech Republic

Magda Koutkova


Video 7th April 2021

 22nd April 


   China Crisis Management

The New National Emergency Management Systems in China

Guosheng Qu


Video 22nd April 2021

7th May


Manchester Series on Covid-19

Covid19 Lessons Learned for Improved Future Pandemic Resilience

Responses to Covid-19: Implications for Emergency Managers

Renewing how we ‘do’ community resilience

K. Harald Drager

David Powell

Duncan Shaw

Manchester Series 

Video 7th May 2021

20th May


Finland Crisis Management

Civil Defence in Finland

Jarkko Häyrinen

Jyrki Ronkainen

 Pertti Woitsch


Video 20th May

24th May


France Crisis Management

French Crisis Management System


Jean - Paul Monet

Christian Sommade


Video 24th May

11th June


   Australia Crisis Management

Australian Emergency Management Arrangements

Russell Dippy


Video 11th June

25th June


United Kingdom Crisis Management

Rachel Ratcliffe 

Michael Eccleshall 

Ben Platt 


Video 25th June

9th July


National Emergency/Disaster Management Model for Bulgaria


Col. Orlin Nikolov


Video 9th July

15th July


Thailand Disaster & Emergency Management Dr. Tavida Kamolvej


Video 15th July

23rd July



Kosovo Crisis Management

Nehat Koqinaj


Video 23rd July

12th  August


Pacific Disaster Center


Dan Morath/Steve Recca


Video 12th August

26th August


South Africa Crisis Management


 Roman Tandlich

South Africa

Video 26th August

16th September


Norway Crisis Management


Per Kristen Brekke


Video 16th September

23rd September

Future of Emeregncy Management

with University of Manchester


David Powell

University of Manchester

Video 23rd September

15th October

Future of Emeregncy Management

with University of Manchester


David Powell

University of Manchester

Video 15th October

28th October

Smart Cities Disaster Response: The IMPETUS Projcet

IMPETUS Project Overview and Expected Results

IMPETUS Survey on Ethical Issues on Smart Cities Technologies

IMPETUS Platform - Integration of Tools

IMPETUS Weapon Detection Tool

IMPETUS Social Media Threats Detection Tool

IMPETUS Solutions Implementation in City of Oslo



Joe Gorman

Jelena Radosevic

 Radu Popescu

Joe Levy

Joaquin Luzon Tuells

Osman Mohammad Ibrahim

Sandro Bologna

 IMPETUS Project

Video 28th October

4th November


Medical Intelligence in Emergency Management


James Wilson 


Video 4th November

16th December

Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure



Sameer Pethe




Video 16th December

Do you want to present your National System?  Guidelines for Presenters   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Behind this initiative and joining TIEMS in these Webinars are Kyle King from CBI (Capacity Building International), and his brief bio is found below.

Founder anKyle Kingd Managing Director of Capacity Building International. Kyle King has spent 28 years in the emergency services and international security field with 8 of those years being with NATO. Certified in the US Department of Defense as a Chief Fire Officer, he helped design and build the first international DoD Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program for international students, and also served as the first Civil Emergency Advisor to support NATO Operations. Among his other accomplishments he worked to contribute to the development of NATO’s Security Force Assistance program and wrote NATO’s capacity building education and training program for Kosovo. Locations where he has worked in missions includes Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Ukraine. Mr. King holds a Masters in Diplomacy and Terrorism Studies as BS/BA in Public Administration as well as numerous certifications from US Department of Defense, NATO, and other institutions. Currently Mr. King is focused on supporting the Institute for Security Governance and international programs as well as being seconded to the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

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