The International Emergency Management Society
TIEMS has at present two committees:
  1. TIEMS International Program Committee (TIPC)
  2. TIEMS Paper Reveiw Committee (TPRC)

TIEMS International Program Committee (TIPC)
TIEMS International Group of Experts (TIGE) is functioning as TIEMS International Program Committee.          
TIGE has 104 Members from 22 Countries, comprising TIEMS Directors, TIEMS Officers, Board members of TIEMS Chapters and TQC & TQAC Charter Members.
For interest or questions, please, contact Sandro Bologna at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TIEMS Paper Review Committee (TPRC)
  • Chair: Meen Chhetri, Nepal 
  • Vice Chair: Roman Tandlich, South Africa
  • Editor for the Proceedings from the TIEMS conferences: Roman Tandlich, South Africa
More local reviewers will be recruited by the hosts for each of the TIEMS conferences and workshops.