Board of Directors

Meet the members of TIEMS Board of Directors
Gilles Duserre is TIEMS Director for Research and Developement Activities.Gilles Dusserre

Gilles DUSSERRE is full professor at IMT Mines Ales, head of Master of Science Disaster Managament and Environmental Impact (DAMAGE). He holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy (1987-1993), a Master degree "Chemistry of the Environment and Health - University of Marseille" (1995).

He conducted many researches in the field of risk management mainly related to risk analysis, evaluation of the consequences of technological disasters (fire, explosion and dispersion of toxic gases) and natural disasters (forest fires and floods), the efficiency of mitigation means (e.g. use of water curtains) and crisis management. He managed various studies within the framework of national, European and international projects, in partnership with industry, academia and major research organizations. He participated on various projects dedicated to resilience of critical infrastructures.

He was expert in several international missions such as for the French Ministry of the Interior in Malaysia in 1998 relative to the exposure of the population to the forest fire smokes and in South Africa in 2001 in relation to Crisis management.

He’s author and co author of about 50 international publications.

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