China 2007 opening
The International Workshop on "Natural Disasters & Emergency Management” was hold in Beijing on September 22-24, 2007, Attached program.

More than 130 experts who came from 22 countries and regions: UN, China, USA, Norway, South Korea, France, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Croatia, Turkey, Japan, Cuba, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, Nepal, Nigeria, Cameron, UK and Hong Kong presented their new achievements and discussed international natural disasters and unexpected incidents emergency management, risk assessment, early warning and disaster relief.

They exchanged experience on earthquakes, storms, floods and drought and other natural disasters and mitigation measures. Presentations included  the mechanism of natural disasters, natural disasters and risk assessment techniques, natural disaster pre-plans, contingency planning, preparedness and early warning systems. Also early warning systems on natural disaster, information and communication technology (ICT) applications in natural disaster emergency management and emergency decision-making systems was addressed through different case studies.

K. Harald Drager (President of International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS), Norway, said that disaster risk reduction, protection of social, economic and environmental development is the common challenges faced to all countries, and that "the concept of universal disaster reduction and mitigation measures will make the world more safe.” Knowing the experience and expertise in China in handling natural disasters, it is very important that this knowledge is shared with others. TIEMS invites Chinese experts to use TIEMS network for distributing this information, and likewise receive information through TIEMS network from other countries, as well, which is valuable for China in dealing with natural hazards.

Prof. QU Guosheng, (Deputy Director and Chief Engineer of National Earthquake Response Support Service, China Earthquake Administration (NERSS/CEA) and TIEMS Regional Director for Asia) said that this workshop provides a platform for the world wide multi-stakeholders, including scientists, engineers, enterprises and decision makers, and would further strengthen the ability of China and the developing countries which faces major disaster, to exchange the new achievements in natural disasters emergency management.

During the workshop, experts from different countries shared the information and experience in emergency management and rescue operation, and and exchanged how to improve the international and regional scale cooperation among countries in earthquake, flood, drought, typhoon, storm , etc.

This workshop organized by TIEMS, Disaster Mitigation Working Group, InterAcademy Panel (IAP), and China Association for Disaster Prevention (CADP), was hosted by: National Earthquake Response Support Service, China Earthquake Administration ((NERSS/CEA), Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences ((IGSNRR/CAS). It was sponsored by: China Earthquake Administration (CEA), International Cooperation Bureau, Chinese Academy Of Sciences (CAS), and co-sponsored by Global Alliance for Enhancing Access To & Application of Scientific Data in Developing Countries, Global Alliance for ICT and Development and the United Nations ( Un GAID e-SDDC).

More than 25 websites and media reported this workshop in domestic of China and internationally, such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, SOHU, Science Time, Science Daily, Government of People’s Republic of China, et al. The workshop was a great success.