The following TIEMS 2007 events are reported below:

  • TIEMS 2007 14th Annual Conference in Trogir, Croatia June 5 - 8, 2007
  • TIEMS 2007 Workshop in Beijing, China, 22 - 24 September, 2007
  • TIEMS 2007 4th Workshop in Cavtat, Croatia, 29 - 31 October, 2007
  • TIEMS 2007 10th Workshop in Prague, Czech Republic, 26 - 27 November, 2007

TIEMS 14th Annual Conference in Croatia in June 2007

   “Disaster Recovery and Relief: Current and Future Approaches”

The TIEMS 14th Annual Conference was held 5th – 8th June 2007 in Trogir, Croatia, under the title "Disaster Recovery and Relief - Current and Future Approaches“, with an exciting Program.
After opening session and welcome speech given by Mr. Ivica Franic, deputy minister of interior of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Ranko Britvic, RCADR director and Mr. K. Harald  Drager, TIEMS president, the Conference started with its work. Once more, that was a chance to demonstrate the importance of a permanent experience exchange in a field of emergency and disaster management. Over 150 delegates from the whole world gave their contributions and discussed different topics such as:
  1. Information decision support
  2. GIS in emergency management
  3. Terrorism and security
  4. Critical infrastructures
  5. Emergencies and the media
  6. Psychological aspects of disasters
  7. Health emergencies and response
  8. Training and education
  9. Business continuity
  10. Risk assessment professional practice
  11. Information and communication technologies
  12. Enviromental protection / Climate change
During a four day Conference, through plenary and parallel working, delegates tried to reach the specific aims of the Conference: to evaluate recovery and relief strategies,  to address the threats of the modern world and to emphasize their relevance and importance to develop and propagate new methods, scientific research and organizations in order to better understand states of emergency, to encourage cooperation and communication through scientific disciplines and their practice in order to effectivelly deal with the threats before, during and after diastrous events, to evaluate the application of technologies to support knowledge management, logistics, monitoring, notification and decision support.
In the electorial part of the Conference, the TIEMS members re-elected Mr. K. Harald Drager, Norway, for TIEMS president and he is expected to run this office for the next three years.
As well, the Conference gave an opportunity to exhibitors to expose their visions of emergency management, demonstrate their technologies and products and in an exhibitor's plenary session approach their potential users.
TIEMS_2007_Exhibitor_01Guy Weets, European Commission, with exhibitor Klaus D. Pfeiffer from HYDROMOD