TIEMS 2013 Reporting

TIEMS President has been a keynote speaker at:
 TIEMS 2013 Events: 
  1. 25th January  - TIEMS Japan Chapter Conference, Japan (In Japanese)
  2. 22nd - 23rd May - TIEMS second Iraq Workshop in Basrah, Iraq
  3. 23rd May - TIEMS Japan Chapter Conference  (in Japanese)
  4. 26th September - TIEMS Japan Chapter Conference  (in Japanese)
  5. 26 -27 September - TIEMS Finland Chapter Workshop
  6. 1st - 4th October - TIEMS 2013 Annual Conferencein Southern France 
  7. 22nd -  26th October - TIEMS China Chapter Annual Conference and Training 
  8. 30th October - 1st November - TIEMS Berlin Conference
  9. 16th - 17th November - TIEMS China Chapter Conference in Guangzhou, China 
TIEMS Berlin Conference took place 30th October - 1st November 2013 on:
  "Public Alerting and Social Media during Crisis and Disasters"
Final Program             Berlin Declaration
 Social Media
 TIEMS China Chapter Conference in Guangzhou, China
was held 16th - 17th November.
TIEMS China Chapter was a co-organizer to this conference on
"Application of Informatization in Emergency Medicine"
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